Cartridges as business partners

Cartridges as business partners
The Philippine Star
Monday, July 13, 2009

Convenience means different things to different people. For businesses, it means being available wherever and whenever something is needed. In the realm of satisfying printer needs, the worst part is hopping from one shop to another looking for a specific item. The good news is, Cartridge World is offering a one-stop shop that has everything from paper to cartridge refills. It specializes in both ink and laser toner cartridges remanufactured and refilled for business and home use.

Since opening its first franchise in 1997 in Adelaide, Australia, Cartridge World’s success speaks for itself. Cartridge World’s director for master development Mike Fuller says, “People who have heard of us seek us out. When they find that we keep pace with technology, and that our quality is at par with the standards of the original at a price lower than the original, they stick with us. Some even go on to become our franchisees.” One such example is Babylyn Decena-Newfield, who is now its master franchisee in the country together with husband Bruce. She discovered Cartridge World through her husband’s daughter in the US. Satisfied with what she saw, Newfield decided to get a franchise. She admits that she had to work double-time to erase the stigma brought about by remanufactured cartridges. “When we finally opened our first shop in 2007, the reception was initially hard. We had to educate the Filipino consumer about the remanufacturing industry. It had an undesirable image as a low-quality, backyard, injection-type thing. We showed people that with Cartridge World’s state-of-the-art technology and the best imaging supplies, high quality remanufactured cartridges are possible.”

Fuller adds that customers now understand and appreciate the value being offered by remanufactured cartridges, adding that their high performance inks have very similar chemical properties as the original inks. He states, “We try to use inks that have cleaning agents that prevent the printheads from clogging. We also strive to use inks that color-match the originals.” In addition, Cartridge World adheres to an environment-friendly approach. Fuller explains that refilling the cartridge instead of throwing it away supports local communities by reducing waste and protecting the environment. These elements, they say, not only make Cartridge World earth-friendly but also business-friendly. In fact, the number of franchisees of the brand continues to grow in the Philippines. From its first branch in Rada, Makati City, it now has branches in Ortigas, Paranaque and Laguna, with new sites slated to open in and outside Metro Manila.

Now considered the world leader in inkjet and cartridge refilling, Cartridge World’s products include OEM inkjet cartridges, OEM laser cartridges, copier cartridges, fax supplies, high quality special paper and inkjet cartridges. Fuller and Newfield chorus that Cartridge World makes complete in a world where businesses are becoming more dependent on computers and printers.